Jerry’s reaction to this emergency was typical

My wife did all the booking for a stretch limo from Jerry’s to take us, our daughter’s family, and son to a restaurant in downtown Toronto to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. She raved about all her dealings with Irene, who she described as very professional and more than helpful.

As luck would have it the day we were leaving our home to drive 90 minutes or so to our daughter’s a recent back issue my wife has flared up, so much so that we weren’t sure she could walk to the limo or from limo to restaurant. Given the lack of time before we had to leave I called Jerry’s on spec to ask whether they had a wheelchair. They didn’t, but within 5 minutes called back to say they had located one and would pick it up before the medical supplier closed for the day. I couldn’t believe they were able to do this, and that Irene in fact seemed so pleased that she had been able to solve our problem.

We didn’t need the wheelchair to get my wife into the limo, and after a 2 hour ride downtown she seemed able to walk from the curb into the restaurant so we left the wheelchair in the limo. Bad luck intervened again however once she got into the restaurant, because another severe back spasm hit. The limo by this time had left, but we were able to call it back. Given that Jerry the driver was navigating heavy evening traffic to find both parking and a place to have his dinner it was frankly extraordinary that he returned immediately, got the wheelchair out and was starting to reassemble it as I came out to the limo. 

Jerry’s reaction to this emergency was typical of the great service we experienced with this limo firm right from the first query we made until Jerry dropped us back at our daughter’s place. We were very impressed and would highly recommend them to anyone in the Greater Toronto Area.